Welcome to Shawnee County Amateur Baseball Association! We have a proud history of providing a positive sports environment for youth in Shawnee County. Our intentions are to grow and expand the opportunity for various youth.

Inclement Weather Hotline: (785) 251-4938 press “1” for youth sports and then press “1” for baseball or visit the QuickScore play/no play page

Bettis Sports Complex Information:

Pee Wee 1, Pee Wee 2 (240’ fences), Harold North Field, Gopher 2 (260’ fences):

  • 250+’ fences, portable mounds, 60’, 65’, 70’ bases, sound system, Musco lighting, bleacher seating, scoreboards, artificial turf infields, natural grass outfields, fenced bullpens, concession/restroom nearby, covered dugouts w/ water source, viewing tower for public use
    Jerry Robertson Field
  • Bleacher seating for 300 spectators plus other great viewing areas for lawn chairs; backstop netting allowing for optimal spectator viewing
  • Sound system with PA and audio hookups available
  • Scoreboard and programmable marquee in centerfield
  • Field turf infield, foul lines, and warning track; natural grass outfield
  • Field dimensions: Left 330’ Center 400’ Right 320’
  • Large spacious and safe dugouts with lighting
  • MUSCO field lighting
  • Batting cage near first base dugout
  • Fenced bullpens near each dugout

Pony Field

  • Bleacher seating for 300 spectators plus other great viewing areas for lawn chairs; backstop netting allowing for optimal spectator viewing
  • Sound system with PA and audio hookups available
  • Scoreboard and programmable marquee in centerfield
  • Field turf infield, foul lines, and warning track; natural grass outfield; fenced bullpens
  • Field dimensions: Left 300’ Center 385’ Right 300’
  • Large spacious and safe dugouts with lighting
  • MUSCO field lighting

Multipurpose Field

  • Full size soccer HS field; tball, flag football, and soccer will utilize the site; sound system, Musco lighting, bleacher seating, scoreboard, artificial turf playing surface

Two (2) concession stands, multiple paved parking lots, restrooms are located in the middle of the quad and complex.

Complex is located near Northeast corner of Lake Shawnee, easily accessible from I-70; Retail shopping, hotels, restaurants all within 5 miles (20 minutes) of the fields.
Other attractions include:

  • Lake Shawnee Swim Beach
  • Lake Shawnee Marina- Paddleboat or Canoe Rental
  • Lake Shawnee Golf Course
  • Lake Shawnee Campground and Disc Golf Course
  • Multiple playgrounds and trails, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, shelter rentals
  • Lake Shawnee Girls Softball Complex

Bettis Family Sports Complex Guidelines

Players, coaches and spectators must abide by the following guidelines while visiting the complex.  Violations may result in suspension of play and/or expulsion from the facility.  Additional Shawnee County Code, park rules and regulations may apply.  Guidelines are in place to ensure a positive sports environment for athletes and fans.  Please ask staff for assistance, we are here to make your visit enjoyable.

  1. Teams should stay together.  Coaches, parents, assistant coaches and team counselors are responsible for the safety of players and must know where their players are at all times.  Players are encouraged not to wander in and out of the complex.
  2. Vehicles must utilize the paved parking lot only.  Additional parking is permitted at the Lake Shawnee Swim Beach (south of the complex).  Vehicles may not be driven into unauthorized areas or on parkland without written permission.  Please check with staff for temporary parking assignments.  Check with business owners and abide by any street regulations before utilizing neighborhood streets or parking lots.
  3. SCPR or tournament affiliates are not responsible for damage or theft to vehicles, personal property, or lost items on the property. Keep personal items and vehicles locked up at all times.  Please bring “lost and found” items to the main concession stand.
  4. No skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, scooters or other forms of wheeled personal transportation are allowed inside the complex.  Persons with disabilities should check in with staff for accommodations.
  5. No pets (exception: service dogs).  Do not leave your pet(s) in your vehicle, parking lot or parkland.
  6. No climbing or sitting on fences, buildings, statues, dugouts, light poles, landscaping, or railings.
  7. SCPR staff is responsible to move, adjust, and secure mounds, goals, bases, pitching machines, operate scoreboards or other equipment.  Ask for assistance if field dimensions or equipment is not properly placed.
  8. No soft toss, kicking or hitting balls of any kind into fencing.
  9. No practicing or ball playing on the game fields until official game time.
  10. No warm up, practice, or catch allowed on paved areas or between fields.  Warm ups may take place south or west of the complex in our open areas.  The multipurpose field is not a baseball practice field.
  11. Please keep restrooms clean and free of personal items.  Showers are for players, coaches, umpires, or staff only.  No roughhousing of any kind is permitted. Lockers are for daily use only.
  12. Steel cleats are only permitted during games on the Jerry Robertson and Pony Field playing surfaces.  Only rubber cleats shall be worn by players during practices.  Rental forms have requirements listed.
  13. Tobacco free complex includes smokeless.  Anyone may be suspended or expelled if they are caught using tobacco products.
  14. No profanity. Serious violation may result in suspension or expulsion.
  15. No fighting. All violations WILL result in suspension or expulsion.
  16. No washing uniforms in the restrooms or showers.
  17. Illegal drugs are prohibited at all times and will be confiscated. Anyone possessing or suspected to be under the influence of any drug will be arrested.  Violation of this rule is grounds for disqualification of the entire team.
  18. Outside coolers, food, or beverages of any kind are not permitted.  Team water coolers are allowed.
  19. Any type of handbags, team bags, coolers, backpacks and camera cases are subject to search.
  20. Teams, individuals, spectators and umpires will be held responsible for any damages to the facility.
  21. All foul balls should be returned to a concession stand or umpire on the game field.
  22. In the event of severe weather, teams may be directed to their vehicles or restroom areas until further notification.
  23. Staff will gather information from all parties for all accidents or incidents at the complex, please abide.
  24. Park hours are 6am-11pm.  Contact staff if Park Police are needed immediately.
  25. No recreational vehicles are permitted to park overnight.  The Lake Shawnee Campground 785-291-2634 is located at 3435 SE East Edge Road (66605), south of the complex.
  26. Individual field restrictions may apply.  Check with staff for a complete list of rules and regulations.
  27. Practices, rentals, events, facility use must all be scheduled through Shawnee County Parks and Recreation.
  28. Charcoal must be disposed of properly in designated locations.
  29. Staking of tents is prohibited.  Pop up tents must be placed in approved areas only, contact staff for details.
  30. We ask that you assist us with keeping our complex clean by utilizing recycling containers, trash receptacles, and reporting problems to staff immediately.
  31. Coaches, umpires, players, family and spectators assume all risks and danger of personal injury, losses, damages to person or property and all hazards arising from or related in any way to games, activities and events at the complex. We ask coaches, spectators, and players to use common sense at all times. SCPR Staff reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the guidelines.  Any conduct or language that is not promoting a positive sports environment will not be tolerated.

Shawnee County Code may or may not apply to additional circumstances.

Welcome to Shawnee County Amateur Baseball Association!

2020-2021 Tryouts

Information regarding tryouts for next season was updated in the 2020-21 Tryout Information section of the website this morning.  Please see that section for tryout listings.

(Updated August 4, at 10:00 AM CDT)

Complex Address:

3025 SE Croco Rd

Topeka, KS  66605

Mailing Address:

Shawnee County Parks & Recreation

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Phone: (785) 251-2970

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