Constitution & Bylaws

SCPR rules and regulations may or may not supercede rules set forth by SCABA. 


Article I

The name of the organization shall be the Shawnee County Amateur Baseball Association. The purpose of the Association shall be:

1. To provide summer recreation for youngsters 18 years or younger through education in the fundamentals of baseball.

2. To provide proper supervision, by teaching good sportsmanship and general conduct, to combat juvenile delinquency.

Article II

Anyone 18 years old or older expressing a desire to work with youngsters in any capacity is eligible for membership.

Article III

The Officers of the Association shall be: President, Vice-President,  Secretary, One Representative from each League, Tournament Director, and Fund Raising Chairman.

Article IV

The meetings of the Association shall be monthly, except during the playing season and except as provided in the By-laws.

Article V

The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at an Association meeting providing a quorum is met and such amendment was introduced or read at a meeting not less than thirty days prior to being put to a vote.

The above Constitution was approved at the November 21, 1958 meeting. Thirty-two charter members were present.

Constitution Amendments

1. Each League will be represented by one Representative or designated alternative. They, together with the Association officers will form the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors will be the governing body of all Leagues. All business from all Leagues must be handled and approved by a majority of votes cast by the Board members: fifty per cent or more of the Board members must be present to conduct business. All business approved by the Board of Directors will be presented to the Association body, but no discussion will be held unless the Board of Directors should become deadlocked on some phase of business, then such subject will be presented to the Association for vote and approval.

2. No rule changes will be made between the May meeting and the September meeting of the Association.



Article I – Membership

Section 1. Anyone present at the meeting adopting the Constitution and By-laws will be Charter Members and entitled to vote at all future meetings.

Section 2. All persons seeking membership will be admitted at any future date and must apply for a membership. New members will have a thirty-day waiting period before being eligible to vote. Previous year members are renewal members; all others are considered new members.

Section 3. The Secretary will keep a roll of all active members.

Section 4. Anyone connected with this Association in any capacity, managing or playing, accepting any cash award or compensation for such activity will be dropped from all future participation in any of the Association activities.

Article II – League Participation

Section 1. All Leagues, teams, managers, coaches, players and Association members will conform to the Constitution, By-laws, Rules and Regulations as prepared by the Board of Directors. The Association President and the Board of Directors will have the duty and power to enforce the Association Rules and Regulations. Any team, manager, coach player, or Association member found in violation, and refusing to conform, is subject to suspension from Association activities and use of Association facilities for the season in question.

Article III – Meetings


Section 1. Upon adopting the Constitution and By-laws, the Association will hold its next meeting approximately one month from that date.

Section 2. The Secretary will call special meetings when so directed by the Association President.

Section 3. If at any time a quorum fails to attend five consecutive Association meetings, the Association will be considered dissolved and the Treasurer will release all funds as provided in the By-laws.

Article IV – Use of Funds

Section 1. Any funds collected from events must be turned over to Shawnee County Parks and Recreation (SCPR).


Section 2. Sponsor or Association funds misappropriated may result in legal action against the person(s) involved.
Article V – Board of Directors

Section 1. The Officers will be elected when the Constitution and By-laws are approved and will hold office for one year. New Officers will be elected annually thereafter.

Section 2. The duties of the Officers will be as follows:

A. The President shall preside at all meetings and coordinate all business of the Association.

B. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, and shall assist in overseeing related activities.

C. The Secretary shall keep all records and perform necessary correspondence for the Association and preside in the absence of the President, Vice-President or Past President.

D. The League Representatives shall represent their Leagues in all meetings and shall report all business between the Leagues and the Association and the Board of Directors.

E. Tournament Director, along with SCPR, shall issue invitations to teams interested in participation in the SCABA Invitational Tournaments OR other tourneys and manage such tournaments as required.

F. The Fund Raising Chairman shall coordinate with SCPR on all Fund Raising Projects.

Section 3. Officer vacancies shall be filled upon the recommendation of the Association President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Article VI – Quorum

Section 1. A quorum of the Association shall be ten percent of the voting membership of the Association, but never less than ten members.

Article VII – Amendments

Section 1. The By-laws may be amended by a majority vote of a quorum of the Association membership provided such amendment was introduced, or read, at a meeting at least thirty days prior to being put to a vote.

Section 2. The Board of Directors shall have the authority to alter, amend, add, change or delete the General Rules and Regulations of the Association.

Section 3. The Rules Committee who serves as a screening committee for the Association shall submit potential rule changes to the Board of Directors.

Section 4. A petition signed by 25 percent of the Association’s membership can require a recommended rule change be voted on by the Association members and passed by a majority vote of the members present. In accordance with Article VII, Section 1, such a petition must be read at a meeting not less than 30 days prior to being put to a vote.

Article VIII – Legal Counsel

Section 1. The Association Board of Directors shall retain a lawyer, or legal counsel, in an advisory capacity.