• How can I find a team for my son, if he is 7 years old or older?
    • Unlike other baseball organizations, SCABA does not place players on a team for ages 7 and older.  Teams are formed by individual coaches or parents through tryouts. We will, however, pass information on to coaches who inquire about players to fill their roster if you e-mail your players name, age, and contact information to scpr@scababaseballtopeka.com.  Also, check the Teams Looking for Players page for tryout information. SCPR offers various leagues and works with other local organizations to provide sports opportunities in the community. For more information visit http://parksandrec.snco.us
  • How do I post scores in QuickScore?
    • Log in to your coach’s account by using the link on the top right corner of the QuickScore page.  After you have logged in, the top tab you will see in your page will be “Upcoming Games” or “Today’s Games.”  At the bottom of that tab is a link with blue font that says “Post Scores”
  • How do I see if fields are available in QuickScore for game reschedules or practices?
    • In QuickScore, go to “Reports” and then “Game Reports” (or click here to get there).  Leave the “All Sports” and “All Leagues” highlighted.  Use the filter options to search for specific locations on specific dates and click “Generate Report.”
  • How are rainouts rescheduled?
    • Check QuickScore to determine dates and times that fields are available (see previous FAQ).  Both coaches need to email scpr@scababaseballtopeka.com with the information at least 5 days notice.  You will receive a confirmation email when the game has been rescheduled.  If a reschedule is booked and then either team cancels or fails to show for the rescheduled game it will be a forfeit.