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  • I’m looking for a team for my son who is currently 7.  We would be interested in a 7u team next season. Dedicated baseball parents looking for a 7U team to play at the lake.  Parker has been in the top 20% of players on his t-ball teams.  He has Taken baseball lessons since March of 2017 with DJ Carey and a Washburn baseball player.  He has been hitting the ball out of the air and rarely used Tee for past 2 years, catches, and throws well. Contact: Bret Ulrich 785-554-1159 cell
  • My son, Myles turns 7 in December and is the only player from his team moving up.  He loves the game, everything about it.  Myles is always eager to get on the field, whether it be games or practice/learning.  He is ready to be a great teammate/addition to his new team.
    I can be reached at


  • My son, Keaton, needs a new team for next season. He is 7 with an April B-day. Our current team is staying in 7U next year, so we’re looking for either an 8U or possibly 9U team we can be with for the next few years. Keaton has played 2 full seasons at SCABA, and the advancement from year 1 to year 2 was pretty amazing. He’ll be one of the younger 8U, and certainly even younger 9U, but he loves baseball, and is constantly wanting to practice. He’s an all-around good kid–smart, extremely coachable, built solid, and isn’t afraid of the ball. He primarily played IF this past season, most times at 3rd and 1st. He also played Catcher quite alot, leading me to think that might be his spot. I’d rate his arm as high-average, his speed at average, his hitting above average. I’m willing to help the coaching as well, having coached U-17 Boys in Texas, and have assisted our current team the past two years. Ultimately, we’re looking for a competitive team where Keaton can continue to learn the sport, and continue to get better. I’m planning on sending him to every tryout he can get to, so please reach out to Matt Hornbaker at 785-580-9918.
  • My son, Ronin, is looking for an 8U team for next season.  He is 7 and will be 8 in February.  He has played the last two years and has enjoyed playing several infield positions.  He has a pretty good arm, so did well at SS and 3rd.  He also played 1st and pitched this season.  He is coachable, has a desire to be better, and most importantly really enjoys the game.  He is a solid hitter and makes good contact with the ball.  He has a high baseball IQ for his age.  I have experience coaching and I am willing to help out the team’s coaching staff in any way.  We would love to join a team that is competitive and wants to really help the kids improve and have fun.  Please contact Dan at (785)220-6703 or  Thank you!
  • My son Duke will turn 8 in September and is looking for an 8U team.  We moved to the area in January and when we first looked for a new team he tried out and was picked up by a 9U team at the lake for the spring season.  Duke started for the team in the infield and was one of the team’s four primary pitchers but is willing to fill any hole a team needs.  Although he loved playing with his team and competed well at that level (and will miss pitching for a year…), the team will now move up to 10U.  We feel this may be too big of a jump at this age and Duke is looking forward to the opportunity to join a competitive team that he can play with for years to come with boys in his grade.  You’ll find that he has a positive attitude, competitive spirit, and love for the game and I am willing to assist as needed.  I can be reached at or 316-616-8626.


  • My 10 year old son, Jacob is looking for a team to play on in 2018. He has played 3 previous years in sunrise and would like to move to a more competitive league. He has previously played short stop, first base, and pitcher. He prefers to pitch but is open to many possibilities. Please let me know if you have any questions. You can myself, mom, Cassie Gaddis 7852491782 or his dad, Evan Gaddis 7858062875. Thank you! Cassie Gaddis
  • My 10 yr old son Elijah is looking for a team.  He pitched and played 1st and 2nd base on his last team.  If anyone is looking please email the information for tryouts. Also can you put his information on the website as player looking for a team.  Thanks.
  • Hi my name is Juan Villa, my son and nephew are wanting to keep playing baseball in the fall so we are looking for a team, currently playing 10u but will be 11 soon so we would consider 11u also, my son pitches and plays 1st base and 3rd base my nephew can play 2nd base, SS and 3rd base you can call me or message me at 785-250-1656 or email me at
  • 10 year old boy looking to join a team, plays short stop mainly but recently has been pitching as well, has played many years since the age of 3. You can email me at or call/text 785-640-7747


  • My 10 year old son (11 in Feb) is looking for a team for the 2018 season. He has played on a traveling team the last 3 years and would like a more competitive league going forward. This last season he played many positions. His main and preferred position is Short Stop, but played Center field, Left field, 2nd base, and Pitcher due to his ability to perform in all positions. I can be reached by phone or e-mail. 785 458-2094


  • My son Logan is wanting to play on a team at the lake. He is 11 and his birthday is 01/09/06. He has played since he was 5 at Sunrise Optimist and his skills have exceeded the play there and needs to advance to a more worthy league. Please help him find a team that will help him learn and develop the game more. Thank you. Kirby Whitt (785)608-5990
  • Carter Anderson, 12/13/2005, currently 11 years, looking for a fall ball team for the 2017 season. Plays pitcher, 3rd, and right field. Please contact Sasha Anderson at 785-817-2661 or


  • Corbin Jamison, 9-10-2003, 14u, Pitcher, SS, and outfield, My name is jessica. Phone  #- 785-288-8156


  • Player looking for U16 Competitive Team for the fall season.  Currently 14 years old but have been playing up in age for the last 4 years. Can play 3rd, SS, and second base and hits left and right handed.  Please contact for tryout details, or call 785-230-9624