Post Season Tournament Info

The post season is fastly approaching and the board is working hard to get the information out to you and your parents. The tournament will start Tuesday June 24th with games being played Tuesdays and Wednesdays with Championship night and Awards night being on July 24th. The reasons for Tuesdays and Wednesdays games is a lot of teams have blackout dates that start on Thursdays. Mondays are taken up by 7 & 8 yr olds, but we will play two Mondays at Bettis when the 7 & 8 yr olds are finished.  With fields being limited 9-10 yr old games will be played either at Felker & Shawnee North for the first part of bracket play, cause those fields that are available are only set up for 9-10 yr old base lengths.  It will be a double elimination tournament with a “if” game on championship night if needed. We know some teams have sent in their blackout dates and we will work with you if your game falls on one of those dates, but we ask that you work with us as well to get the game in so the tournament is not held up.  Their will be times where teams have to play a double header on one night, or play two nights in a row, and also maybe where you will not play for two weeks. The scheduling will get better for this in years to come, but with this being the first post season tournament we have had at SCABA please be patient, it will not be perfect. Brackets will be out soon, but seeding will not be declared until league has finished.  Good Luck to everybody and have a great rest of the season.

Championship & Awards Night July 24th

We will start at 5:45 PM on your league championship field. Champions and league runner up for each division will be awarded their trophys before the start of the championship game. We ask that those teams be there by 5:30 so we can start right at 5:45, parents can get pictures and game will start at 6:30. Trophys for 1st & 2nd will be handed out as well following the championship game.