Administrative Rules

1. Association Administration

a. When season play begins, the Association President will be the official contact between the Association and SCPR assisted by the individual league representatives. The other Board members are to be available for assistance throughout the season.

2. Administrative Hearings

a. An Administrative Hearing will be conducted at any such time as any player, team, coach, spectator, game official or facility personnel is ejected for unsportsmanlike behavior as a result of physical or verbal abuse before, during or after the game directed toward any player, team, coach, spectator, game official or facility personnel.

b. To conduct an Administrative Hearing, the Association President shall gather preliminary information from game officials, staff, bystanders, players, etc. After the preliminary information has been gathered, the Association President shall notify in writing the persons involved in the incident as to the date, time and location of the hearing.

c. All persons present at the Hearing who witnessed or were involved in the incident will describe the incident in their own words without disputation from others present. The Hearing Committee may question individuals after he or she has made their statement. Witnesses and incident participants shall then be dismissed, at which time the Hearing Committee will discuss and question statements made.

d. The Hearing Committee shall consist of a quorum of the SCABA Board of Directors, with at least three of the Committee members not being League Representatives, and two SCPR staff members. The Hearing Committee shall decide the outcome by majority vote.

e. Failure for an incident participant to appear at the Administrative Hearing is an admission of guilt.

f. Hearing Committee decisions are final.

g. Following the Administrative Hearing, a letter stating the disciplinary action(s) taken will be sent to the person(s) involved in the incident by registered mail or delivered to them in person.

3. Complex Facilities

a. SCPR asks all guests and users that wish to provide positive feedback or report any vandalism, problems, or field conditions to do so to the site staff who will have you fill out a form.  We intend to keep our facilities in safe, clean, and in top condition while providing for a positive sports environment.

4. Diamond Fences

a. No player or coach will intentionally hit balls of any sort into any diamond or fence.  Batting aids require prior approval before utilizing at the complex.  Penalty: Ejection under Rule 12 of the Administrative Rules.

5. First Aid Kits

a. All teams must provide their own first-aid kit and should have it immediately available at all times.

6. Gate Admission

a. Gate fee’s for SCABA sponsored, non-SCABA tournaments and post-season tournaments need SCPR approval.

7. League Games

a. All games are played at the Bettis Family Sports Complex unless noted otherwise on the schedules.

 8. League Make-up

a. Teams register in age group divisions and league representatives will form the leagues.b. The older division will be called the “National Division” and the younger division will be called the
“American Division”.

c. Any team may play in the National Division; however, older teams may not play in the American Division.

d. Five (5)-team minimum to form a division, all teams will play as one league.  Minor league is the exception to this rule.

9. Length of Games

a. All league games, to be determined and subject to league specific rule. No inning shall start after the game has been in progress for the time allotted. The inning in progress must be completed, regardless of the time, if the home team is behind. The beginning of the next inning will be at the immediate end of the previous inning. E.g. 1 hour 45 minutes time limit game starts at 6:15 P.M. last inning ends at 7:59 P.M. game continues, last inning ends at 8:00 P.M., game ends. 

11. Payments

a. All checks or money orders are to be made payable to Shawnee County Parks and Recreation.  SCPR does accept Visa, MC and Discover credit or debit cards.b. All fees must be paid prior to the end of the coaches meetings or teams being scheduled.

12. Ejections

a. The umpire, site supervisor, SCPR staff members, UIC, or a member of the Board of Directors has the authority to warn or eject any player, manager, coach, or fan, from the game for violating any Code of Conduct or violating park rules.

b. If a player, manager, coach, or fan is ejected from any game sponsored by this Association, they must sit out that game plus their next two (2) scheduled game before being eligible to return to the field or complex with their team. This applies to both regular season play and tournaments and includes visiting teams.  Coaches are responsible to warn parents, family, and fans of this consequence.

c. Ejected persons shall promptly leave the vicinity of the game, getting no closer than the parking lot.  If conduct continues, removal from park may occur by park police.  Players must be accompanied by an adult guardian or team rep.

d. Anyone ejected shall not communicate further with players, coaches, managers, fans, staff or the umpire during the course of the remainder of the game or the next succeeding game.

e. Anyone ejected from a second game during the same calendar year baseball season must go before a special hearing in order to be reinstated (See rule 3d).  The decision may or may not be determined within seven (7) days.

f. The game umpire(s) will complete an incident report for any ejection. The incident reports are to be forwarded by the game umpire(s) to the Umpire-in-Chief and Association President within 24 hours of the incident.  A copy of the incident report will go to SCPR.  This may be done electronically.  The UIC may request a special board meeting to address recurring problems.  Incident reports shall be prepared by game umpires whenever they deem necessary and not be limited to ejections. Non-ejection incident forms are to be forwarded to the UIC, Association President, and SCPR staff.

g. There shall be no appeal of an ejection.

h. Ejections or violating the code of conduct applies to players, coaches, fans, managers, and complex visitors as soon as you enter the complex property and continues for the duration of the game until you leave the premises.

13. Player Recruitment

a. Any manager, coach, or their representative who communicates or makes any contact with a player or his parents between February 1st and August 1st, other than players on his own team, for recruiting purposes is subject to a hearing and disciplinary action from the Board of Directors.  The following guidelines may be used:

Penalty: 1st violation – Suspension for two (2) games for current season or following season.
2nd violation – Suspension for the balance of the current season OR first five (5) games of following season.

All complaints must be in writing; signed and presented to the Board of Directors

b. Managers are to select their own players. All other players will be placed together forming new teams as sponsors and staffs are available. Players will be required along with their parents, to sign a “Player Contract” form and cannot quit one team and play for another unless he receives a signed release by his team manager. Managers are urged to make certain that players are satisfied with conditions that could arise during the baseball season before accepting a “Player Contract”. Once the team manager accepts a signed contract, the player may not be cut from the roster.

14. Post Season Tournaments

a. For all leagues, which are affiliated with USSSA, teams will choose which affiliates’ post season tournament they wish to play in based on the oldest player (excluding 17yr olds) listed on their league roster at any time during the season. The highest eligible team will choose first, with the remaining teams choosing in descending order until all slots are filled according to the limits imposed by league registrations. Teams dropping older aged player(s), from their roster, see rule 16(i), in order to play in a younger aged post-season tournament, will select last after all other teams in their division have selected their first post-season tournament choices.

b. Determination of a leagues’ post-season berths must be completed by a designated date, which will be determined each year by the SCABA Board of Directors. This date will be based on NBC deadlines. A leagues schedule or portion of the schedule that contains the games used to determine the post-season berths must be completed by this designated date and must be done on a fair and equitable basis (examples: play each team in an age group twice or play every team in the league once.) In the event a solution cannot be reached, board of director’s decision will be final.

c. Teams that qualify and choose to participate in USSSA (SCABA affiliated) post-season tournaments must fulfill the entire commitment required by the affiliation they choose.  Penalty: The team will not be allowed to participate in SCABA league play the following season.

d. The Managers and Coaches of teams participating in post-season tournaments cannot drop any ballplayers from their regular season rosters without the parents’ written consent and Board approval. Said Managers and coaches can select additional SCABA ballplayers to fill their roster to the maximum allowable limit. Players selected may choose which team he/she wishes to play with. There will not be a draft for players.

e. Managers and Coaches should be aware that ballplayers that have already participated in qualifying tournaments cannot be picked up to play with another team, host team included, in higher ranked tournaments of the same affiliation.

15. Practice Games

a. Neither SCABA nor SCPR will be responsible or obligated for umpire costs of any practice games or tourneys.  However, tourney rentals shall utilize current contracted umpires unless those are unavailable.

b. Team managers must schedule diamond time for practice games with SCPR.

16. Rainouts

a. The Site Supervisor and/or SCPR staff and the game umpires will be sole judges as to whether or not fields are in playing condition during inclement weather.

b. All makeup and postponed games will take precedence over any practice games.

c. A rainout game is scheduled by the league rep.  An attempt will be made to reschedule the games within 2 weeks of the rainout. Failure to comply with this schedule, or to show up with the required number of players, will result in a forfeit.

17. Re-scheduled Games

a. Games may be postponed by mutual agreement of the managers involved, with approval of the League Representative and SCPR, if given four (4) days notice.  SCPR may not guarantee the postponed games (see b).

b. Teams that do not give a four (4) day notice will be penalized a $65 rescheduling fee and if that is not collected it will then be a forfeit for the team trying to reschedule or double forfeit if necessary.

c. At the end of the season, if league games are not completed, the league and SCPR will forfeit those games to create equality in standings.

18. SCABA Sponsored Tournaments

a. All arrangements and schedules for SCABA sponsored tournaments will be under the direct supervision of the SCABA Board of Directors and SCPR staff. They will be played according to current NBC rules, unless overridden by specific tournament rules.

b. Tournament fees will be established by the Board of Directors and SCPR for SCABA sponsored tournaments.

19. Sportsmanship

a. This Association expects the coaching staff of every team to teach baseball to the best of their knowledge along with fair play and good sportsmanship.  Players, fans, and park visitors must show good sportsmanship.

b. Remember at all times: you are a direct representative of the league, sponsors, and affiliations so conduct yourself professionally and not embarrass anyone involved.  A sponsor’s reputation is worth far more than any contributions.

20. Team Entry Fees:

a. Team entry fees for all leagues are as follows:
Instructional league $85 per player

Minor league $1,360 per team

Pee Wee through Pony Leagues $1,525 per team
Pony Express $115 per game per team

b. Team entry league fees are due as follows:
Minor through Pony leagues February 8, Instructional league April 15, Pony Express May 15

c. A deposit of $250.00 is due by December  31, the year prior in order to be considered for the league. The deposit is non-refundable unless a spot in the league is not granted. The deposit will be applied towards the team entry fee if a spot in the league is granted.

21. Team Uniforms (Minor and Instructional Leagues are an exception to this rule).

a. All teams must have matching uniforms. A uniform shall consist of cap, shirt, pants, and socks.

b. Numbers will be on all shirts in every league and will be a minimum of 5″ in height in the middle of the back.

22. Tobacco Products

a. Lake Shawnee Sports Complex is tobacco free.  No tobacco products (including smokeless) allowed while in the confines of the complex.  Violators will be asked to stop and anyone not abiding will face ejection (see Ejection 12).

23. Umpires

a. No current active coach or manager will be permitted to umpire in their league unless requested to do so.  Then only until a replacement can be secured.  Instructional league is the exception to this rule.

24. Use of Field Lights

a. Umpires along with SCPR staff will determine when lights are to be utilized.  The umpire and site supervisor will determine when to shut off the lights during inclement weather.

25. Field Surfaces

a. No chewing gum or sunflower seeds or products that might stick or remain in the turf are allowed on any playing surface or in the dugouts.

b. Please warm up along the foul lines if you play the first game or in designated areas.  No soft toss allowed.

c. Teams shall not warm up between fields.

d. Steel cleats are prohibited on the multipurpose field and the quad fields.

26. Awards

League standings will be determined per age group at the end of all regular season games.  In the event of unequal games played, SCPR staff will determine final standings.  The award ceremony will be held the first Wednesday of August at the complex and all teams should be present or at least have a representative present.

Instructional- Every participant receives a medal.

Minor- Individual trophies 1st & 2nd in each division.  Medals to remaining players.

Pee Wee– Individual trophies 1st & 2nd in each division.

Gopher– Individual trophies 1st & 2nd in each division.

Pony– Individual trophies 1st & 2nd in each division.