Minor Machine Pitch Rules & Regulations

Changes for the 2018 season are in red

**Note – all references to USSSA rules are to the new 2017 version

SCABA Rules apply first, then USSSA Rules

1. Player Eligibility

a. Please see USSSA Rule 3.01

2. Rules of Play

a. Please see USSSA rule 7.0

Additional SCABA League rules of play:

b. 3 outs or 7 runs constitute an inning. No more than 7 runs may be scored per inning except as a result of a home run over the fence.

3. Player Participation

a. Each player present must have at least 1 turn at bat and 1 inning in a defensive position. Penalty: Forfeiture of game.

4. Game Length

a. A complete game will consist of 6 innings or a 1-hour and 30-minute time limit.

b. 15 after 4 run rule applies.

c. Called games due to weather are official after 3 innings (2 1/2 if home team is ahead). See USSSA Rule. The beginning of the next inning will be at the immediate end of the previous inning.

d. Any team up by 8 or more when time expires the game is over

5. Bats

a. Please see rule 7.01

6. Batting

a. The batter receives 6 pitches to hit or 3 swinging strikes. If the batter has a two (2) strike count, he shall have his turn at bat extended on foul balls. If batter fouls off 6th pitch he will continue to bat until he misses it or hits it. The batter is not out on a foul ball unless it is caught.

b. The batter is out on a dropped third strike.

c. Bunting is allowed. 2 bunts per inning are allowed.

7. Pitching

a. The front edge of the pitching machine shall be the pitchers rubber. One eight-foot straight line will be drawn parallel from the pitchers rubber. The player (pitcher) must stay behind this line until the ball is hit.

b. A coach shall be working the pitching machine. The umpire will make calls at home plate and watch base runners.

7.c.  7U 36-39 MPH
      8U 39-42 MPH
Coaches or Umpires should set the machine at correct speed prior to the start of game. The league will stay at each speed for 3 weeks and then move up 1 MPH faster, starting at each age lowest speed to start the season. Once it hits the Max speed it will stay there for remaining part of the season.

d. See rule 9.20. When a batted ball hits the pitching machine, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first (1st) base and all runners shall advance one (1) . If a coach get hits by the ball all players go back to original base and batter returns to the plate. Pitch counts as a pitch.

e. A thrown ball hitting the pitching machine is dead and all runners are entitled to the base to which they were advancing.

f. When a defensive player is attempting a dangerous play near the pitching machine, the umpire may call a dead ball.

g. There are no walks and a batter does not get to take first base if a pitched ball hits them.

h. Machine can be adjusted every half inning by the offensive coach, but the coach only has three pitches to adjust it.

8. Base Running

a. Please see USSSA rule 9.16

b. No leading off or stealing is allowed.

c. Umpires will call TIME after every play. TIME should be called as soon as play has ceased and runners are not obviously advancing.

d. Ball will be called dead once the ball is controlled inside the baselines by an infielder. If runner is past half, he is granted that base.

9. Equipment

a. Steel cleats are not allowed in this league.

b. Each team is responsible for providing their own catching equipment (mask with throat protector, chest protector, shin guards, and protective cup.

10. Uniforms

a. Uniforms will be t-shirts, caps, and baseball pants. Uniforms will not be provided by the league.

11. Team Rosters

a. All teams must carry a minimum of 10 players on their roster.

12. Official Line-up

a. Teams will utilize 10 players with 4 outfielders who are not allowed to assume infield positions.

b. A game will be forfeited if a team has less than 9 players on the field at one time. If only 9 players participate, the 10th position in the lineup will be passed on having no effect.

13. Player Discipline

a. A player may be benched for disciplinary reasons. At the time such action is taken, it will be communicated to the home plate umpire, the opposing team, and within 24 hours a letter of explanation must be sent to the league rep and the player’s parents.

14. Sportsmanship

a. Any player, coach or fan who gets ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) more games from all SCPR activities or facilities. Any player, coach or fan receiving two (2) ejections during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

b. Any player that touches an umpire will be suspended a minimum of (4) or more games from all SCABA games and facilities. SCABA board will review.

c. Any coach or fan that touches an umpire will be suspended a minimum of twelve (12) or more games from all SCABA games and facilities. This rule will fall over into the following season if need be. SSCABA board will review.

15. Coach’s

We are needing help with scorekeepers. Home team will be the official book and visiting team will have some one manage the score board.

Also all coaches will have the ability to record your own scores on quick scores.

16. Games

a. 7U and 8U Machine Pitch will get 14 regular season games.

17. Supplying Game Balls 

In each league game, the league will furnish four official game balls.  Two of the balls will be new and two will be of good quality (no cuts or broken laces). It is the responsibility of the dugout on which side the foul ball went out on to return all balls to the field of play. If that ball cannot be found it is that teams responsibility to replace it with a new official game ball of equal quality. An inning will not start without the umpire having all four balls. If the team  refuses to get the ball or replace it with one of their own new game balls and a delay of game will be enforced.