Pony Rules & Regulations

Changes for 2018 season are in red

**Note – all links to USSSA rules point to the latest 2017 edition.

SCABA Rules apply first, then USSSA

Rules 1. Player Eligibility

a. Please see USSSA rule 3.0

2. Rules of Play

a. Please see USSSA rule 7.0
b. Base length will be 80′. Pitching distance will be 56
‘.  Upon mutual agreement by BOTH teams they can play games at 60/90.

c. Run Spreads: 15 after 3, 12 after 4 and 8 after 5.

3. Game Length

a. A complete game will consist of 7 innings or a 1hr-45min time limit. Called games are official after 3 innings (2 1⁄2 if home team is ahead). The beginning of the next inning will be at the immediate end of the previous inning.
b. Umpires will communicate when time is close to being up or saying last inning.

4. Equipment

a. Steel cleats are permitted in this League.

5. Official Roster

a. Please see USSSA rule 3.0
b. All teams must carry a minimum of 9 players on their roster.
c. Roster will be frozen on May 15 and NO player may be added or play unless approved by the League Rep. Penalty: Forfeit of game(s).

6. Official Line-up

a. Please see USSSA rule 7.02

7. Player Discipline

a. A player may be benched for disciplinary reasons. At the time such action is taken, it will be communicated to the home plate umpire, the opposing team, and within 24 hours a letter of explanation must be sent to the league rep and the player’s parents.

8. Bats

a. Please see USSSA rule 7.01

9. Courtesy Runner

a. A courtesy runner will be allowed for the pitcher and catcher at any time. The last batted out will be used or a designated pinch runner based on the line up.

10. Sportsmanship

a. Any player, coach or fan who gets ejected from a game will be suspended for a minimum of two (2) more games from all SCPR activities or facilities. Any player, coach or fan receiving two (2) ejections during the season will be suspended for the remainder of the season.

b. Any player touches an umpire will be suspended a minimum of four (4) or more games from all SCABA games and facilities. SCABA board will review.

c. Any coach or fan that touches an umpire will be suspended a minimum of twelve (12) games from all SCABA games and facilities. This rule will fall over into the following season if need be. SCABA board will review

11. Games

a. League will consist of 14 games

12.  Supplying Game Balls

In each league game, the league will furnish four official game balls.  Two of the balls will be new and two will be of good quality (no cuts or broken laces).  It is the responsibility of the dugout on which side the foul ball went out on to return all balls to the field of play.  If that ball cannot be found it is that team’s responsibility to replce it with a new official game ball of equal quality.  An inning will not start without the umpire having all four balls.  If the team refuses to get the ball or replace it with one of their own new game balls, a delay of game will be enforced.